The Optimization of Three-photon Microscopy for Volumetric Neuronal Imaging

Hosted By: Imaging Optical Design Technical Group
31 August 2020, 16:00 – 17:00
Three-photon microscopy has been increasingly adopted as a powerful tool for monitoring neural activities beyond the typical two-photon imaging depth. In this webinar hosted by the OSA Imaging Optical Design Technical Group, Tianyu Wang from Cornell University will outline the unique properties that differentiates three-photon from two-photon imaging in deep or turbid samples.

In order to optimize three-photon microscopy for volumetric neuronal imaging, Wang will summarize the considerations on imaging parameter selection, including their effects on calcium imaging quality and their perturbation to the sample. Finally, Wang will cover the existing techniques for volumetric three-photon imaging and discuss their prospects for mesoscale imaging. What You Will Learn:

  • The basics of multi-photon imaging
  • The state-of-the art multi-photon functional imaging technologies
  • The representative applications of multi-photon functional imaging in neuronscience
  • The challenges and the future

Who Should Attend:

  • Graduate students ,researchers, and engineers working in multi-photon functional imaging

About the Presenter: Tianyu Wang, Cornell University

Dr. Tianyu Wang received his Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics from Cornell University in 2018. During his graduate study, he developed the technology of 1300-nm three-photon calcium imaging, which enabled in vivo functional imaging at an unprecedented depth in the mouse brain and through the intact skull. After earning his degree, he continued research as a post-doctoral researcher at Cornell University, working on further extending the capacity of three-photon microscopy for mesoscale imaging in the deep brain.